Often, when choosing where to live, buyers are considering the strength of the schools. A good school district can positively impact both a child’s education, as well as your property’s resale value.  Fortunately, for those living in the Boston area, Massachusetts just ranked #1 in the nation according to the US News and World Report! This means children have the opportunity to get a great education, and your property value could benefit from being in a top national school district.

All 125 schools with the Boston Public School system use the Home Based Student Assignment Policy which relates and factors in where you live. To learn more about the options for children, check out this website

Want to learn more about a school? Here are a few ideas on how to get to know the schools in your area:

• Ask a knowledgeable realtor you trust
• Look at where test scores line up compared to other schools 

• Pay a visit! Look for engaged, active teachers and children
• Attend a school board or PTA meeting
• Meet with the principal or teachers

Bottom line, always look at the school districts when buying a property as this can affect both a child’s education as well as your property’s value.