By Natalie Jones

Updated June 2, 2020

The impact your living space has on your health should never be overlooked – but too often, it is. We think of healthy living as something that only happens from the inside out. Wrapping our wellness up in fiddly things like motivation and our current state of health can wind up backfiring. Motivation fades, health status changes, and we become convinced we don’t have the internal fortitude to pursue a healthy life.


However, one of the simplest ways you can stay healthy is to keep your living space conducive to a healthy lifestyle. You may not recognize it, but little things around your home may be holding you back from living your best life. Here are a few budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home with healthy living in mind:


Embrace Nature


One of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health is to spend more time outdoors. Studies have shown that exposure to plants and sunshine have a significant positive effect on mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Moreover, getting outside motivates you to move more and helps you avoid energy-sapping activities like watching TV or getting lost in social media spirals.


Consider turning your porch or patio into your own outdoor oasis. You can do this by bringing in plenty of greenery and relaxing décor such as wind chimes. If you’re particularly whimsical, you can make yourself a fairy garden! Check out furniture deals online to make more affordable purchases for your patio, and before you know it, you’ll have the outdoor space of your dreams!


Reduce Allergens  


If you suffer from allergies, even mild ones, you’re less likely to have a healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple enough situation: Allergies make you feel bad. When you feel bad, you’re less likely to exercise and more likely to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as sitting in front of screens or eating junk food. When you reduce allergy symptoms, you have a better ability to make healthy choices overall.


Check your house for sources of allergens. Try to identify the areas that accumulate dust quickly, and stay on top of keeping these areas fresh. Regularly vacuum rugs and carpets, or better yet, remove them and replace them with affordable, allergy-friendly hardwood. If you have a pet, consider grooming them outdoors or creating a few pet-free zones in the house, such as bedrooms or a relaxation space. Staying on top of allergens may be challenging, but the reduction in symptoms you’ll experience will be well worth it.


Make a Space Just For You


If you live with other people – particularly kids – it can be hard to find a space in your house that’s in your control. Even if you stay on top of keeping things neat and tidy, a family-shaped whirlwind can follow behind you and return the space to chaos. That’s why having a relaxation-focused space can be so important.


Consider turning an unused bedroom into such a space. This can be a reading room, a meditation room, a home gym – whatever will suit your budget, needs, and interests. The important part is designating this space for relaxation and calm. Make sure everyone understands that though they may use it, they have to respect the intention of the room. Additional clutter, unnecessary noises, and general chaos are not allowed.


Remember: Your space has a heavy influence on your lifestyle. By turning your home into a wellness-focused environment – which you can easily do on a budget with the above ideas – you’re more likely to keep your mind turned toward healthy living. Work to ensure that your home reflects your goals, and you’ll have a substantially easier time reaching them!


June 2, 2020 Update

Don’t forget to leverage great pet-specific resources when addressing things like allergies, such as

Photo Credit: Pixabay