Slowly, but surely, life here in the Bay State is beginning its slow return to a tangible semblance of ‘normal’. Though real estate showings have been ongoing (with restrictions), so many of the businesses and activities that make life in Greater Boston special are, at long last, going to be opening their doors, and in some cases, sidewalks, once again!

All of us here at the Paige Yates Team are certainly very excited to be able to once again partake in so many of the things we love most about life in Massachusetts — from selecting the perfect present at Wellesley Toy Shop to lingering a bit too long to peruse all the delightful artisan pastries at Newton’s Koko Bakery.

We can now enjoy the state’s beautiful beaches, wander about our outdoor gardens and reserves once again, shop curbside retail from our most cherished shops, and even visit the favorite stylists that so many of us missed for far too long.

For buyers and sellers, there are some relaxed restrictions which deserve attention. Home remodeling and construction have been approved since May 18th. In Phase 2, however, in-home installations (such as carpets, etc) will be approved (fantastic news for anyone who’d like to spruce up a property before bringing it to market).

Though the state will continue to open in carefully planned stages, we are delighted to start looking ahead at how all of us here at Paige Yates Team can help you achieve your real estate goals.

The past few months have brought incalculable heartache to so many. They’ve also been a period of reflection (some have referred to it as ‘the great pause’). Often, with great reflection comes big, and positive, change. Looking ahead, we look forward to helping our clients, both new and returning, find their dream homes, their first homes, their retirement homes — and, of course — sell properties that no longer serve them so they can move forward.

The Paige Yates Team is 100% ready to take you wherever you’d like to go in Greater Boston —with the informed, market-informed, and data-driven approach you expect from our team (and with the new addition of PPE, of course). We look forward to working with you!